Can you support an aspiring psychologist?

Following a dream career in psychology doesn’t just take dedication, drive and determination, it also takes a significant financial commitment. 

That’s why we need your help. Will you help a budding psychologist get their first foot on the ladder by donating to our Presidential Development Fund?

Your support can make all the difference.

What is the Presidential Development Fund?

Together, we have the power to transform the careers and livelihoods of those who need a helping hand as they embark on their dream psychology career. 

You know, all too well, that the route to becoming a psychologist isn’t always straightforward and there can be bumps along the way. It takes dedication, hard work and considerable financial investment. A master’s degree can cost up to £8,000. Once living costs and accommodation are added to that total, it’s a price which is sadly out of reach for many. 

But we have big ambitions for the future of our profession. We want to support as many aspiring psychologists as possible through their master’s programmes. That means we need your help to meet our fundraising target of £75,000 this year.

How will your donation make a difference?

By donating to our new Presidential Development Fund, you will provide an opportunity to someone who may be struggling financially and might not have the means to support their journey into psychology. Your donations will help to cover the course fees and living costs for aspiring psychologists to complete a master’s qualification.

Right now, there is a shortfall in the number of practicing psychologists needed to meet the demand placed on psychological services. But we all know that the path to becoming qualified is notoriously difficult.

That’s why we need your help to unlock as many doors and opportunities as possible for the next generation of psychologists.

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