Don’t think about it. Do it.

Are you an aspiring psychologist looking to complete a master’s qualification in psychology? Do you need financial support to help you get there? Our new Presidential Development Fund might be able to help.

How can the fund help me?

Times are tough right now, making the route to becoming a qualified psychologist harder than ever. 

That’s why we’ve launched our Presidential Development Fund. We want to help you achieve your master’s qualification and pave the way to a successful career in psychology and chartered membership of the BPS in the future.

What support can I apply for?

We understand that the cost of undertaking a master’s degree can make it out of reach for many aspiring psychologists. If you want to undertake a BPS accredited master’s qualification in psychology, our new fund could give you financial support to help cover your course fees. 

We can also consider funding your living costs too. 

Am I eligible?

We want to target our grants at the aspiring psychologists most in need of our financial help. So, to apply for a grant, you’ll first need to demonstrate that you’re eligible. As a first step, we’ll ask you to confirm that you are not in receipt of a taxable salary or that you fall within the lowest tax band.

You’ll also need to have been a BPS member for the past 12 months, be resident in the UK and be intending to apply for a BPS accredited master’s degree.

Take a look at our full application criteria to make sure you’re eligible.

For courses starting in September/October 2021, please submit your application by 1 March 2021.

How do I apply?

Once you’ve checked that you’re eligible, you’ll need to gather all the information you’ll need for your online application. Got any questions? Just email us and we’ll be happy to help. 

Completing your master’s degree is a key milestone on the journey towards becoming a qualified psychologist. And we’re here to help you achieve it. So what are you waiting for?